Off The Wall Rewards


Goodbye paper punch cards and hello sweet rewards! Our Rewards program gives you all the traditional perks of earning points toward a discount on your next purchase and you’ll get access to exclusive perks and special offers. Plus, you never have to worry about losing or forgetting your activated card again!


Activate Your Card & Get a Bonus

When you activate a new card you get from us, you’ll get $1 off your next purchase on top of all the other amazing perks that will soon come your way. Activate now!


Get Rewarded

The core of our rewards program is very simple: Earn one point for every $5 you spend. Once you reach 10 points, you get $5 off your next purchase. It’s that simple. Really.


Perks & Exclusive Offers

Once you activate your card, you’ll be eligible to receive even more on top of the points you earn toward $5 off your following purchase. You’ll enjoy access to customized perks and exclusive offers that are tailored to you. Remember, only activated cards enjoy these benefits so make sure to Activate your card today!


Card Protection

No need to worry about losing or forgetting your activated card. Once activated, we can look your card up so you can still get your points when you forget it at home. Should you lose your card, we can look it up give you a fresh one on the spot. Earning and keeping your rewards is simpler than ever! Remember to Activate your card today!

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